Cessna Aircraft Company


Aircraft Details

Manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company
Model: T206H
MSN: T20609186
Engines: 1
Weight: 1633
source: caa.no

Owner/Operator Details

Name: Cessna 206 AS
Organization number: 996941922
Adress: c/o Macama AS Parkveien 33
0258 OSLO
Radio License. Number: 6374
source: nkom.no

Name: Cessna 206 AS
Adress: Parkveien 33
0258 OSLO

source: caa.no

Aircraft event timeline

Owner changed
Cessna 206 AS
Aircraft Added
Ready Rental AS

Installed radio equipment

Emergency Locator Transmitter with ICAO ID 121,5 / 243 / 406 MHz
VHF Omnidirectional Range/Localizer Receiver 108-117,975 MHz
VHF Communication Tranceiver 117,975-137 MHz
Marker Beacon Receiver 75 MHz
Glideslope receiver 328,6-335,4 MHz
GPS Navigation Equipment 1215-1240 / 1559-1587 MHz
Distance Measuring Equipment 960-1215 MHz
ATC Transponder mode S 1030 / 1090 MHz
source: nkom.no

More aircraft owned by Cessna 206 AS

Public records:

Date: To/from adressee: Document:
2018-11-29 Flyteknisk Notodden AS     ARC og review papirer
2017-12-19 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   Kopi av ARC - ARC Extension verification
2017-09-15 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   15/02563-22 - Reisedagbok
2017-09-07 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   Reisedagbok
2016-12-19 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   ARC
2015-11-30 Ready Rental AS   Utstedelse av EASA Form 25 kontinuerlig luftdyktighetsbevis, EASA Form 45 støybevis og EASA Form 15a ARC for brukt Cessna T206H importert inn i EASA fra U.S.A.
2015-11-20 Ready Rental AS   registrering av luftfartøy
2015-11-20 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   reisedagbok
2015-11-20 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   ARC Rekommandasjon
2015-11-10 Sky Management AS   Bilder av dør og utløser av nødutgang
2015-11-09 Southern Aircraft Consultancy   Bill of Sale - Apostille
2015-11-06 Southern Aircraft Consultancy   return of Bill of Sale
2015-11-06 Info SAC Ltd   LN-SEA (Previously N209TX) - korrespondanse med selger
2015-11-05 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   STC SA017788WI og ICA206-102113 Rev. A for Cessna T206H Interior Upgrade
2015-11-04 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   FAA godkjent AFM Supplement AFMS206-102113 Rev. A - Cessna T206H Interior Upgrade
2015-11-03 Nasjonal Kommunikasjonsmyndighet   LN-SEA- kopi av midlertidig tillatelse
2015-11-03 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   Vedtak om godkjennelse av vedlikeholdsprogram (AMP
2015-11-02 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   AMP revisjon 00 korreksjon
2015-10-22 Southern Aircraft Consultancy Ltd.   Bill of Sale - Apostille
2015-10-21 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   AMP
2015-10-20 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   søknad om luftdyktighetsbevis og støysertifikat
2015-10-20 Flyteknisk Notodden AS   søknad om luftdyktighetsbevis
2015-10-14 Sky Management AS   Tildeling av 24-bits ICAO kode for programmering av ELT og transponder
2015-10-12 Sky Management AS   Anmodning om tildeling av 24-bits ICAO kode for programmering av ELT og transponder
2015-10-09 Sky Management AS   Aksept av utestående EASA godkjennelse på eksportluftdyktighetsbevis
2015-10-09 Sky Management AS   Acceptance of exception on export certificate of airworthiness regarding SA01788WI Global Engineering and Technology Interior
2015-08-03 Textron Aviation   Delivery Notification - Cessna Model T206H (Turbo Stationair), Serial number 9186, delivery to Norway
2015-07-09 Textron Aviation - Airworthiness   Delivery Notification - Cessna Model T206H (Turbo Stationair), Serial number 9186, delivery to Norway
2014-05-07 Scandinavian Aircraft   reservasjon av registreringsmerke
source: caa.no

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