Leonardo S.p.a


Aircraft Details

Manufacturer: Leonardo S.p.a
Model: AW169
MSN: 69096
Engines: 2
Weight: 4850
source: caa.no

Owner/Operator Details

Name: Oslo politidistrikt Helikoptertjenesten
Organization number: 961398142
Adress: Postboks 72
Phone: +47 64 82 19 50
Radio License. Number: 6573
source: nkom.no

This aircraft has been added with NKOM as source, owner information may be inaccurate until confirmed by the CAA
Name: Oslo politidistrikt Helikoptertjenesten
Adress: Postboks 2093 Vika
0125 OSLO

source: caa.no

Aircraft event timeline

Aircraft added NKOM
Oslo politidistrikt Helikoptertjenesten

Installed radio equipment

Marker Beacon Receiver 75 MHz
Wireless LAN Equipment 2400-2483 / 5152-5350 / 5470-5725 MHz
GPS Navigation Equipment 1215-1240 / 1559-1587 MHz
VHF Communication Tranceiver 117,975-137 MHz
VHF Omnidirectional Range/Localizer Receiver 108-117,975 MHz
VHF Mobile Communication Transceiver 138-174 MHz
Glideslope receiver 328,6-335,4 MHz
TETRA for public safety 380-385 / 390-395 MHz
Distance Measuring Equipment 960-1215 MHz
VHF Maritime Communication Transceiver 138-174 MHz
Radio Altimeter 4200-4400 MHz
Weather Radar X band
Satellite Communication Equipment 1525-1559 / 1616-1626,5 / 1626,5-1660,5 MHz
ATC Transponder mode S 1030 / 1090 MHz
Emergency Locator Transmitter with ICAO ID 121,5 / 243 / 406 MHz
source: nkom.no

Public records:

Date: To/from adressee: Document:
2007-04-25 Wiersholm Mellbye & Bech advokatfirma   Sletting av luftfartøt
2007-04-23 Heli-One (Norway) as   innvilget søknad om eksportluftdyktighetsbevis
2007-04-23 Heli-One (Norway) AS   Eksportluftdyktighetsbevis - svar på spørsmål
2007-04-20 Heli-One (Norway) AS   tilsynsrapport med vedlegg for relevante punkter
2007-04-20 Heli-One (Norway) AS   tilsynsrapportene i sin nåværende status
2007-04-20 Heli-One (Norway) AS   tilsynsrapport - resterende punkter
2007-04-20 Heli-One (Norway) AS   Permit to Fly - Ferry Flight
2007-04-20 Heli-One (Norway) AS   Permit to Fly - Ferry Flight
2007-04-20 Heli-One (Norway) AS   utkvittert tilsynsrapport - resterende punkter
2007-04-20 Heli-One (Norway) AS   signert flight test report og kopi av signerte testresultater
2007-04-19 Heli-One (Norway) AS   fornyet Permit to Fly - krav om dokumentasjon
2007-04-12 Heli-One (Norway) as   innvilget fornyet prøveflygingstillatelse
2007-04-10 Heli-One (Norway) AS   søknad om forlenget Permit to Fly
2007-04-03 Heli-One (Norway) AS   AD 2004-15-22 / ASB 61B30-15 - alternate means of compliance - manglende godkjennelse
2007-04-03 Heli-One (Norway) AS   nye bestemmelser for Permit to Fly
2007-03-27 Thommessen Krefting Greve Lund AS   Sletting av pant i luftfartøy - Dokumenter bes holdt i Escrow
2007-03-19 Heli-One (Norway) as   scannet kopi av Cert. rapport
2007-03-19 Heli-One (Norway) as   Permit to Fly Sikorsky S-61 N, S/N 61817
2007-03-19 Heliwest AS   Innleie av luftfartøy
2007-03-07 Heli-One (Norway) as   søknad om prøveflygingstillatelse
2007-03-05 Heli-One (Norway) as   søknad om eksportluftdyktighetsbevis
2007-02-19 Post- og teletilsynet   Tillatelse for radioutstyr i luftfartøy
2007-02-15 Heliwest AS   Søknad om prøveflygingstillatelse for Sikorsky S-61N
2006-09-19 Wiersholm, Mellbye & Bech, advokatfirma AS   Attestert registerutskrift
2006-06-27 Thommessen Krefting Greve Lund AS   Eierskifte - påtegning av pantedokument
2006-06-19 Thommessen Krefting Greve Lund AS   Registrering av eierskifte og retur av pantedokument
source: caa.no